Based in the heart of Western Sydney, L’Olio has grown from the ground up. Since its establishment in October, 2005 L’Olio has kept it’s Italian roots strong whilst growing and adapting to the changing face of the hospitality trend.

Executive Chef Melissa Canclini of Ecco Restaurant Drummoyne has been the heart and soul of L’Olio since its inception. Her delicate touches, passion and talent all fuse to make L’Olio what it is today.

Senses are elevated whilst dining at L’Olio as you’ll endeavour on a culinary experience like no other. They say there’s nothing more romantic than Italian food. L’Olio has defied the odds and still puts the magic into Italian cooking as one of the longest standing kitchens in Smithfield.

We employ traditional Italian techniques to prepare all of our dishes from scratch in house whilst only sourcing the best local and imported goods Sydney has to offer. Our beverages complement our menu selection as perfectly as our wines reflect the unique Italian viniculture.

L’Olio represents a new vision of Italian Food whilst sticking to its basic roots we’ve forever adored. We hope you’re as excited to be a part of our journey as we are.

L’Olio serves lunch on Thursdays & Fridays. Our dinner service commences at 6pm and finishes at 9:30pm on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.

We are open outside of these hours for functions and events.

It’d be our pleasure to cater for you! We invite you to explore our catering and L’Olio at home sections on our website.

How about hiring a chef for your next occasion? We offer this service and would love to serve you and your guests!